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I was meant to be a sailor,
The sea does call my name.
Or maybe a starving artist,
Who will die dreaming of fame.
My head belongs on different shoulders,
This I know to be true.
The normal life I lead
Was meant for someone else I’m sure.
Someone who would close their eyes
And escape this chaotic world.
It’s not the life I asked for,
But nonetheless the life I have.
And Paris, the city of love awaits
For my soul, my longing, my heart.
Greek and Rome and Africa,
And all the beating drums.
My eyes were meant to see the world.
The sky, the dirt, the trees in bloom.
Not to die a sad, sad death
Staring at this room.
my head belongs on different shoulders.
This I know to be true.
And someday God’ll correct his mistake
And I’ll found myself anew.
Full of life, and vision, and wisdom.
And I’ll leave this bedroom,
This cage, this box,
Which keeps me hidden from view.


What is darkness but a lack of light?
What its love but a lack of hate?
How is it possible to be separate,
But remain together forever and always?
We ask these questions that don’t mean a thing,
Because we haven’t a clue what we’re asking.

We raise our hands and sing together,
To a man in the sky who ignores us.
We bow our heads and pray together,
For people we cannot help or aid.
We spend our time bothering about,
Trying to change what we cannot change.

But what is the question?
What is our ultimate goal?
Why do we try,
When there’s nothing with trying,
And seek to find hope among doom?

Because light is but a lack of darkness,
And love but a lack of hate.
We aim to remain individuals,
While staying united as one.
These questions — they don’t mean a thing,
For they mean everything.


A tear its never just a tear,
A salty drop of water
Dripping down a cheek.

It is a silent whisper,
A hint of long lost dreams
Falling in a deep dark sea.

A tear is not a leak,
But a steady steam of consciousness
Taking the big leap.

Do not mistake my tears
For allergies or laughter.
Surely they are more than that,

But nothing you’d be after.

Good riddance says the little girl
As she wished away her father
Good riddance says the little girl
As she watched him drive away

She heard the stories and rumors
She ignored the whispering crowd
She held her head up very high
But underneath she cried and cried

Nothing slowed the rain of pain
Nothing deterred that slow long death
No one helped her, or made a move
Her bubble laid untouched

Or perhaps they feared, themselves
That they weren’t strong enough
For a world in which things weren’t so perfect
So they glanced the other way

Good riddance says the little girl
As she wished away her father
Good riddance says the little girl
As she watched him drive away

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